Arab Towns Organization (ATO) and the Internet Society (ISOC)


1. ATO and ISOC agree to cooperate on a joint programme aiming at implementing a network of sustainable Internet training centers in the Arab world.

2. In the framework of this cooperation, ATO would have the leadership and the responsibility for working with local authorities and municipal services across the Arab world. With its experience in managing training programmes and given its technical expertise, ISOC, working through local chapters or members wherever possible, would be responsible for the educational programme and for specifying the equipment and network requirements. Both parties, however, will be responsible jointly for managing the project from beginning to end.

3. The design, development and implementation of this programme requires funds and facilities. The two signatories of this Memorandum of Understanding, each within its own mandate, will present the programme to their respective network of donors or cities for funding or compensation in kind, either on behalf of their own institution or jointly.

4. The programme will be established on a city per city basis, commencing with one or two cities in which there is an ISOC chapter as a pilot.

5. A proposal document defining (i) the concept and background of the programme, (ii) its structure, the mandate, role and input of each of the signatories, and (iii) a budget will be jointly elaborated by the two signatories and attached to the present Memorandum of Understanding by September 1999.

6. This Memorandum shall enter into force upon signature and end as soon as all mutual obligations are fulfilled or until any party informs the others in writing of their intent to withdraw.

7. In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto, have signed the present Memorandum.


At Geneva,



Dr. Wadad AlSuwayeh Lynn St. Amour

Arab Towns Organization Internet Society